Black Cumin seed (Thymoquinone) in combination with radiation was found to exert a synergistic cytotoxic effect against breast cancer cells (публикация).

Black Cumin seed (Thymoquinone) combined with gemcitabine reduced tumor weight to 85% (публикация).

Black Cumin seed extract (Thymoquinone) is known to reduce blood glucose when paired with Aloe vera (публикация).

Garlic Extract and Black cumin oil may be promising agents to complement schistosomiasis specific treatment (публикация).

Consumption of garlic extract and crude Black seeds may have a beneficial Antioxidant effect in healthy post menopausal women (публикация).

Black Cumin and Garlic together were effective in correction of high cholesterol (публикация).

The combination of Black Cumin oil and PYR (Pyrimethamine) had synergistic effect in treatment of toxoplasmosis (публикация).

2 gm/day of Black Cumin seed may be beneficial along with hypoglycemic agents in type 2 diabetic patients (публикация).